Kansas City, Missouri— Local company City Rent A Truck has long been known as Kansas City’s Truck Rental Headquarters. It has been serving the metro area from its Virginia Avenue and Hwy. 169 (Olathe) locations for years. Now, the family-owned business is expanding to a third location at 10931 N Congress Avenue in Kansas City, MO.

City Rent A Truck isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The Kansas City, Missouri vehicle renting company just broke ground on a brand-new headquarters in the Northland on September 12th.

The new building, located east of I-29 in the KCI Corridor between 112th St. and Tiffany Springs Pkwy, will become City Rent A Truck’s headquarters. The building will have 2,500 square feet of office and lobby space with a 1,500 square foot mezzanine for future expansion. It will have 3 truck service bays and 1 wash bay. City Rent A Truck acquired 4 acres in its purchase, and it is using the 2 acres adjacent to N. Congress for the new location. The remaining 2 acres to the east will be used for future expansion.

City Rent A Truck began in 1964 as the leasing department of a local Ford franchise at 47th & Paseo, just 1 mile east of the plaza. That franchise was acquired by the current ownership in 1978. A few years later, the Ford dealership moved 12 miles east of town and the leasing arm stayed behind operating as a separate entity. That separate leasing department was soon renamed City Rent A Truck. The current location by the plaza was built in 1993, and the second location in Olathe, KS was added in 2012.

City Rent A Truck offers dozens of work vehicles for rent and lease, including box trucks, flatbeds/stake beds, cargo and passenger vans, pickup trucks, and trailers. Each vehicle is available in a variety of sizes to suit each customer’s needs. Dedicated to providing the most competitive rates and helpful customer service, City Rent A Truck can custom tailor prices based on your needs and can offer suggestions as to which vehicle is best for your situation. To learn more about City Rent A Truck, visit its website at cityrentatruck.com.