8' F650 Dump Truck

  • City Rent A Truck 8' F650 Dump Truck Rental
  • 8' F650 Dump Truck
  • 8' F650 Dump Truck
  • 8' F650 Dump Truck


All of City Rent A Truck's vehicles are late models and kept in good condition. Every vehicle is thoroughly maintained and inspected before rental. Most of our vehicles include power windows, power locks, tilt/cruise, power mirrors.


Body Style:Regular Cab 
Drive Train:4x2 
Fuel Tank Size:65 Gallons 
Bed Size:6 cubic yards 
Bed Length:8' 6"
Bed Width:7'
Bed Sides:24"
Max Payload Weight:17,000 lbs.
Max Loaded Weight (GVWR):26,000 lbs.
Max Trailer Tow Weight:18,500 lbs.
Hoist Capacity:10 Tons

CAUTION!  The GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight = combined base curb weight, cargo & passengers) or the GCW (Gross Combined Weight = GVW + Loaded Trailer Weight) must not exceed the GVWR, GCWR or the actual licensed weight rating of the truck.