The Enduring Legacy of President & CEO, Jeff Schuetz

In the world of business, stories of resilience and transformation often serve as beacons of inspiration. One such tale is that of Jeff Schuetz, the visionary CEO of City Rent a Truck.

Schuetz is celebrating his 16th year at the helm. When he took over in September of 2007 his tenure began at the forefront of an economic crisis that crippled the automotive industry. Right off the bat, Schuetz was forced to get creative. His financing and insurance providers were ripped from him immediately. In a low-demand anti-commerce environment, he was forced to scrap his way out of insolvency. To keep the operation lean, he had his hands in everything – bookkeeping, sales, operations, all of it. He often found himself working away in the wash bay making sure vehicles were cleaned prior to customers’ arrival. There was no job too small for the new operator. This mentality is still seen running through the veins of the operation at City Rent a Truck.

Schuetz cutting the ribbon at the new City Rent a Truck headquarters (2018).

Schuetz’ grittiness comes from a humble background. One in which he grew up working in various small businesses his father ran. Whether it be stocking shelves at the 7-ELEVEN on Christmas morning or cleaning carpets in exchange for college tuition, he would be taught from a young age that good things came to those who worked and worked hard.

Schuetz turned his back on a successful sales career to feed his entrepreneurial hunger with a local dry cleaner he purchased in 1991. He sold the dry cleaners in 1999 and often cites this experience as teaching him more about business than any other endeavor.

Schuetz operating his dry cleaning business (1991).

After selling the dry cleaners, he worked at Bob Allen Ford for 8 years. He sat in various management chairs and found a new love in the automotive industry.When Schuetz took the reins at City Rent a Truck he was ready for a challenge. That is exactly what he got with the worst recessionary period since the Great Depression. Despite the headwinds he has faced, City Rent a Truck has grown from a Kansas City presence to a regional power, and now with trucks in all continental 48 United States, a national influence.Under his direction and tutelage, City Rent a Truck has grown approximately 50 times in size. When asked about the secret to his success he credited the people. “I have been very fortunate to work side by side with some of the best people God has put on this earth. The growth can be attributed to a team of hungry professionals serious about their own personal development and serious about being a part of a winning team.”

It’s safe to say City Rent a Truck would not be what it is today without the roll up your sleeve’s leadership of Jeff Schuetz. “Don’t listen to people that say, ‘work smart not hard’. To be successful, you need both…work smart and work hard”, he said. Schuetz built the organization around putting the customer first, which holds true to this day. “Doing what is best for the customer will always be profitable,” he said assertively. “Our team is passionate about making the customer experience memorable by building relationships and showing genuine gratitude.”

Thank you, Jeff, for the last 16 years of leadership. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and this organization!

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