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We offer a large selection of basic and hard-to-find commercial trailers that you can rent for your next project. Whether you need a box trailer, a flatbed trailer, or a fleet of both, our rentals can help you safely and securely move whatever you need. 

From construction equipment and building materials to camping gear and antique cars, we have the right trailer rental for your needs. Hitch them to your own vehicle or pair them with one of our heavy-duty trucks for a streamlined hauling and renting experience.

Category Features *

  • Open and enclosed trailers
  • Up to 15,500 lbs capacity
  • Versatile loading options
  • Gooseneck and conventional
  • * Features may vary on select vehicles

8.5x22 Enclosed Trailer

Enclosed Trailer

Our enclosed trailers feature wide and high rear-door openings for easy on-boarding and off-boarding of cargo. These box trailers are very versatile and add an extra layer of protection against the elements.

Best for:
  • Hauling items that need protection
  • Traveling or camping
  • Moving a home or office
8x28+5 Gooseneck Trailer

Open Trailer

We offer open trailers that are perfect solutions for businesses and individuals looking to haul large equipment, vehicles, and heavyweight items. Our open trailer options include flatbeds, gooseneck, and deck overs.

Best for:
  • Hauling equipment
  • Construction projects
  • Hauling cars/off-road vehicles

Quick Category Comparison

Dimensions Ball Hitch Size Tow Type Number of Axles Brake Type Max Payload GVWR
8x28+5 Gooseneck Trailer 8 x 30 + 5 Gooseneck Flatbed 360” L x 97” W 2 5/16 Gooseneck 2 Electric 15,500 lbs. 23,900 lbs.
8X24 Deckover Trailer 8x24 Deckover 291" L X 97" W 2 5/16 Conventional 2 Electric 9,500 lbs. 14,000 lbs.
7x20 Flatbed Trailer 6.5x20 Flatbed 212" L X 82" W (between wheel wells) 2 5/16 Conventional 2 Electric 7,000 lbs. 9,900 lbs.
8.5x22 Enclosed Trailer 8.5x24 Enclosed 264” L x 82” W x83” H 2 5/16 Conventional 2 Electric 6,400 lbs. 9,900 lbs.
7x14 Enclosed Trailer 7x14 Enclosed 160” L x 80” W X 75 H 2 5/16 Conventional 2 Electric 4,000 lbs. 7,000 lbs.
5x8 Enclosed Trailer 5x8 Enclosed 90” L x 56” W x 56” H 2 5/16 Conventional 1 Hydraulic 2,150 lbs. 2,990 lbs.
6x16 Utility 192” L x 77” W 2 Conventional 2 Electric 4,000 lbs. 6,000 lbs.

Our Selection of Trailers

8x28+5 Gooseneck Trailer

8 x 30 + 5 Gooseneck Trailer

8X24 Deckover Trailer

8 x 24 Deckover Trailer

7x20 Flatbed Trailer

6.5 × 20 Flatbed Car Hauler

8.5x22 Enclosed Trailer

8.5 x 24 Enclosed Trailer

7x14 Enclosed Trailer

7 × 14 Enclosed Trailer

5x8 Enclosed Trailer

5 × 8 Enclosed Trailer

6 × 16 Utility Trailer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is required to be on a trailer?


All trailers must include two safety chains, an accurately-rated coupler, and working trailer lights. If the trailer weighs over 3,000 pounds, it also must have working trailer brakes. You should always check to make sure these items are working before you start traveling. Our towing safety checklist can be a helpful resource.

Is a trailer considered a vehicle?


Usually, no. But it can vary depending on your state laws.

Can you rent a flatbed trailer?


Yes! We offer three types of flatbed trailer rentals: A gooseneck trailer rental for heavier duty items, a deck-over trailer for bigger loads, and large and small flatbed trailer rental options for more flexible uses.

Where can I rent a trailer?


At City Rent a Truck, of course! We will even deliver the trailer to your next job site if you need it.

Can I pull a trailer with a rental truck?


If there’s a hitch and the company allows it, then yes! At City Rent a Truck we allow you to package your truck and trailer rentals to create a streamlined driving and hauling solution.

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