Bucket Trucks/Vans

Bucket trucks are some of the most versatile vehicles on worksites. They provide a safe outlet for workers to perform tasks at elevated heights because the bucket platform is completely stable, giving workers the ability to work efficiently while high in the sky.

City Rent A Truck’s bucket trucks and vans come in and varying sizes, with working heights ranging from 38′-55.5′, and are available for Rent, RPO, or Purchase. Reach out to our team for a custom quote today!

Category Features *

  • Side Panel Storage Compartents
  • On Board Air Compressor and Hose Reel
  • Heavy-duty Towing Capabilities
  • Rear Back up Camera
  • * Features may vary and be subject to change on select vehicles

Quick Specs (Some Specs May Vary)

Body Style Chasis Basket Type Working Height Basket Capacity Outriggers Required? CDL Required? Boom Type
F-550 Bucket Truck Single Cab Ford F550 Insulated 44'-47' 400 lbs Yes No Telescopic Articulating
Material Handling Bucket Truck Single Cab Freightliner M2106 Material Handling 55.5' 700 lbs. Yes Yes Telescopic Articulating
Transit with Electric Bucket Single Cab Ford Transit (EV and ICE options) Insulated 38' 350 lbs. No No Telescopic Articulating

Vehicle Selection

F550 Insulated Bucket Truck

Material Handling Bucket Truck

Transit EV with Electric Bucket

Transit (ICE) with Electric Bucket

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Bucket Truck Features

Bucket trucks for rent, RPO, or purchase at City Rent A Truck come with the following options and features. Keep in mind that some features may vary on select vehicles.

  • Our bucket trucks include:
  • Side Panel Storage Compartments
  • On-Board Air Compressor and Hose Reel
  • Heavy-Duty Towing Capabilities
  • Rear Back-Up Camera

*Please note: not all of our bucket truck rentals are insulated.*

Industries that Use and Rent Bucket Trucks

There are many companies that use City Rent A Truck’s bucket trucks rental service to complete common tasks and projects in their specific industry. Common industries we have served in the past include:

Electric Utility and Telecom

Our bucket trucks can be used in cities and neighborhoods across the country to maintain electric systems, such as power lines and grids, and telecommunication networks. These companies continue to move toward the future with improvements and updates to current networks, especially with the rise in 5G network use.

Forestry, Tree Care, and Landscaping

Those working in vegetation management and landscaping can safely complete tree and plant care tasks with a bucket truck rental from City Rent a Truck. Our bucket trucks are able to work in rough terrain, heavily forested areas, and a range of altitudes, climates, and weather conditions. Crews can effectively and safely work in the air to manage any vegetation that may stand in the way of power cabling and telecommunications systems.

Lighting and Sign Maintenance

Streetlights, highway signs, and traffic signals must be maintained through overhead means, making bucket truck aerial lifts a necessity. With the flexibility to work around traffic when needed, bucket trucks are a safer solution to roadside maintenance.

Exterior Painting

Painting large, commercial buildings would be a hassle with just a ladder. Instead, rent a bucket truck to get the job done with ease. Bucket trucks can be used by painters for most exterior painting projects to make the job both safer and more efficient.

Window Washing

For businesses located on the upper floors of a commercial building, bucket trucks can be used to perform window washing tasks. The stable bucket platform gives crews the ability to effectively work with both hands, making the job of washing windows, screens, sills, frames, and other window dressings a lot easier.

Holiday Light Decoration

Professional looking holiday decorations, including lights, may require the use of a bucket truck for larger buildings and heights. Workers can be hoisted up high to install lights and decorations to make the season extra bright and jolly!

If you’re looking for bucket truck rental options in your area, contact us to find out about our customer leasing packages and see what solutions we have for your business!

Bucket Truck FAQ

What is a bucket truck?


A bucket truck is typically classified as a truck equipped with an extendable, hydraulic boom carrying a large bucket for raising workers to elevated, inaccessible areas.

How much does a bucket truck weigh?


Weights can vary based on the size of the Chassis, the brand, and the specific upfit you are looking for.

How high does a bucket truck reach?


City Rent A Truck bucket trucks and vans have working heights ranging from 38′-55.5′.

What is the difference between an insulated and non-insulated bucket truck?


Insulated bucket trucks have a dielectric fiberglass coating that prevents electricity from flowing through the boom, damaging the equipment, or potentially electrocuting the operator. Non-insulated bucket trucks do not have the same coating.

How much does it cost to rent a bucket truck?


Bucket truck rental rates vary based on length of rental. Contact our commercial sales team for a custom quote at (816) 683-3300 or info@cityrentatruck.com.

How to operate a bucket truck?


Bucket Trucks require a specialized and trained operator to use. You can contact a City Rent A Truck Representative with any questions.

Are your bucket trucks insulated?


All City Rent a Truck bucket truck and bucket van rentals are insulated!

What are some common uses for bucket trucks?


Bucket trucks are very versatile vehicles, with applications and uses for many different types of jobs. We find the following industries or job types to routinely need bucket trucks and related equipment:

  • Electric Utility & Telecom
  • Forestry, Tree Care & Landscaping
  • Lighting & Sign Maintenance
  • Exterior Painting
  • Window Washing
  • Holiday light decoration

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