Hidden Costs of Ownership

As a growing business with a growing team, the last thing you or your clients want to face is a setback in fleet transportation. Equipping your crew with safe, reliable fleets to perform the job at hand is a crucial part of business operations—and it’s all about having the right vehicle, right when you need it. 

This raises the question: Is it best to opt for truck rentals or own a commercial fleet? There are clear advantages and disadvantages for both options—and some fleet operators may even choose both. Every company has varying needs and responsibilities and that’s why our team at City Rent A Truck doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

To help you determine what is most beneficial for you and your business, we’ve broken down the benefits and drawbacks of owning versus renting commercial fleets. 

Owning a Commercial Fleet

When it comes down to it, you want what’s best for your company and the clients you work with. Much like choosing to own a personal car rather than leasing one, there are several things to consider when making the decision about owning a commercial fleet for your business. 

Ownership allows you to build long-term equity and avoid a monthly lease payment. It also gives you the ability to service your own vehicle(s) on your own time, without mileage limitations. But unfortunately, it comes with much more responsibility and hidden costs you may not be ready for, such as:

  • Higher up-front costs (down payment
  • Licensing and Tags
  • Routine maintenance and repairs 
  • Property Tax
  • Vehicles depreciating in value as soon as they leave the lot 
  • Keeping up with the safety standards to avoid potential fines 

The up-front costs and the cost of upkeep for owning your own fleet is something you must seriously consider when weighing your options. And because every business is different, it’s important you understand your options in order to make a decision that’s most suitable for meeting your company’s unique needs. 

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Renting a Commercial Fleet

Renting a fleet of trucks for your business operations gives you the freedom to focus more on the work in front of you—and less on maintenance, repairs, and other hidden costs.

When you opt to rent a fleet from a trusted truck rental company (like City Rent A Truck), you don’t have to worry about costly down payments, taxes, or licensing. Depending on your project timeline or scope of work, renting or leasing provides more flexibility and a lower financial commitment. 

There are many benefits of renting or leasing a commercial fleet, including: 

  • Avoid up-front or “hidden costs” of buying
  • More flexibility with less commitment 
  • Lower maintenance responsibility 
  • Tailored rental options and services
  • Bypass vehicle depreciation
  • Upgraded safety features in vehicles 

As technology continues to change, so do the features and capabilities of commercial vehicles. Renting or leasing allows you to adapt to the technological changes as they come and continually maintain upgraded vehicle models equipped with the latest features for safety and function.

The disadvantages include not being able to build equity and having to adhere to the fleet company’s rules. But for many companies, the financial and operational benefits of renting or leasing commercial trucks greatly outweigh the drawbacks. 

Why Rent with City Rent A Truck?

At City Rent A Truck, our top priority is to provide helpful, effective solutions to get the job done well. Above, we’ve laid out the advantages and disadvantages of renting vs. owning—but why rent with City Rent A Truck

  1. No up-front capital. You can get your rental trucks, vans, or fleets (and more) when you need them, for as long as you need them, without putting any money down. 
  2. Job site delivery and pick up anywhere. We deliver rental trucks, vans, and trailers directly to job sites and offer rental pick-up services for wherever you’re located. 
  3. Dependability. We provide dependable vehicles and services tailored to your company. All of our vehicles are maintained, inspected, and up to date with the latest safety standards. 
  4. The right truck for every project. Whether you need one truck or a whole fleet, we offer pickups, box trucks, flatbeds, and more that can be mixed and matched to meet your varying needs. 
  5. Limited maintenance obligations. With regular maintenance and servicing done on our part, you can focus less on the up-keep of the rental vehicles and more on the work in front of you. 

Looking to rent a fleet for your next project? Our team at City Rent A Truck takes an “always ready” approach, providing you and your business with the right rental on-demand. 

Learn more about our rental options and get a personalized rental quote today! 

Freedom to grow your business without fleet limitations, leaving no project behind.

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