Oil, gas, and pipeline projects can be some of the toughest jobs out there. Your crews shouldn’t have to worry about putting your oil, gas, and pipeline rental vehicles to work. Our trucks are Work Ready and allow for average workwear.

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"These guys have the widest selection in the industry! Our project required 4 passenger vans to move our crews, along with 3 F550 flatbeds with 30’ gooseneck trailers. A single source for all of our vehicle needs!"

- Tim K.

Traditional financing on flatbeds, pickups, and other vehicles ties your money up in depreciating assets. Renting can free up a significant portion of your capital for unexpected incidents or exciting innovations that you may have been holding out on.

Cost Control

Unlike the fluctuating costs of ownership—including repairs, maintenance, taxes, and licensing—renting costs stay consistent, making it that much easier to grow your business.

Work Ready Vehicles

We understand that our vehicles will be put to work on the toughest jobs. That’s why City Rent A Truck allows for average workwear. You won’t be penalized for a small ding or scrape with us.

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2019 U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline Report: Northeast Access Continues to Drive New Pipeline Development

Natural gas infrastructure is expected to make up more than half of the needed energy infrastructure development in the United States and Canada over the next decade and a half, according to a study released in June 2018.

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