We supply late model, reliable, and quality rental trucks to telecom companies all across the United States. You can get a fleet of rental vehicles for hauling and towing project materials and equipment or a line of passenger vans to transport the work crew to a remote job site. Mix and match different rentals and build your fleet, on-demand, with City-Rent-Truck Fleet Sharing solutions.

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"Our company handles fiber optic installation and ISP & OSP plant cabling construction in major metropolitan areas. City Rent A Truck keeps our crews on the job with their new trucks and fast service."

- Ron H.

Your team needs more than just bucket trucks to get the job done. We offer service trucks, 1-ton crew cab pickups, enclosed and open trailers, and more. You make the call, and we’ll craft the customized plan for you at a price that makes sense.

Work Ready Vehicles

We understand that our vehicles will be put to work on the toughest jobs. That’s why City Rent A Truck allows for average workwear. You won’t be penalized for a small ding or scrape with us. These trucks and vans are Work Ready on Demand!

Cost Control

Unlike the fluctuating costs of ownership—including repairs, maintenance, taxes, and licensing—renting costs stay consistent, making it that much easier to grow your business.

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