What Work Trucks Do I Need To Have a
Well-Rounded Fleet?

Your construction team is responsible for a variety of tasks, both large and small, on every one of your job sites. That’s why it’s imperative for your crew to not only be supported by top-of-the-line construction equipment, but also a well-rounded vehicle fleet that will help everyone get their respective jobs done—and done well. Read on below to learn about what kind of construction work trucks and commercial vehicles will set you up for the best chance of success now and into the future.

Types of Construction Work Trucks

Pickup Trucks

Construction teams typically use pickup trucks for hauling smaller loads and transporting their crews. Standard pickup options range anywhere from a 1/2 Ton to a 1 Ton chassis, depending on the towing capacity and payload capabilities your job requires. You should also take into account bed length and body style (regular, extended, or crew cab) when choosing the right pickup for your project. Another consideration is the need for custom up-fits. This can include things like a service body in order to store toolboxes, the addition of tailgate steps, external fuel tanks, truck caps, and other add ons that will help your crew work smarter.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are useful in a construction setting for hauling everything from pipes to lumber. They are a go-to solution for towing heavy-duty equipment, and with a range of bed sizes to choose from, you will have plenty of space to carry machinery, equipment, and other materials. Flat truck beds are durable and provide you with flexibility in what you transport as well as how you choose to transport.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are often used for transporting aggregate materials like gravel and dirt. These diesel engine trucks come in roll-off, side dump, and back dump truck body designs to fit your many needs. Dump trucks also come in different capacity sizes expressed by cubic yards. If your business has hauling demands for loose materials, dump trucks can be valuable parts of your construction fleet.

Bucket Trucks

If workers need to reach inaccessible areas up high, a bucket truck is a great solution. Bucket trucks come with hydraulic booms that are extendable to raise workers upward, allowing them to make repairs as needed. While bucket trucks are often used as service trucks for utility companies, construction companies can take advantage of them as well by up-fitting them to suit their specific needs.

Passenger Vans

Passenger vans may seem like an odd fit for the construction industry, but they frequently come in handy for transporting crew members in between job sites. The use of passenger vans as a transportation option keeps sites from being overcrowded with trucks and personal vehicles while optimizing resources, and of course – saving time and money. 

Fleet Management and Planning

Your work vehicle needs are dependent on many factors such as project schedule, crew size, load capacity, construction site needs, and more. The key to building a well-rounded fleet lies in successful planning. For many businesses, the cost of acquiring and maintaining a large fleet is prohibitive with the cost of ownership outweighing the flexible approach to short-term or long-term renting.

While it still may make sense for established construction businesses to own a certain number of vehicles, opting for rental vehicles that you don’t use every day can be a cost-effective solution while avoiding cumbersome details like expensive warranties and ongoing repairs. In addition, renting can be a great way to start your business within the construction industry while gaining access to vehicles you need if you don’t have the funds to invest in a fleet of your own right away. When you have the ability to rent construction trucks, you may be able to take on more projects or jobs that you would have otherwise turned down due to having an inadequate fleet.

To maintain a well-rounded fleet that meets individual business needs, owners and managers can benefit from reviewing needs periodically. As businesses expand or downsize, fleet needs also fluctuate. All this information helps with deciding which construction work trucks to keep or which ones can be rented as needed instead. From super duty trucks built for off-roading to simple cargo vans, City Rent a Truck is more than happy to be your partner in truck and vehicle rental for your construction company. To learn more, reach out to us today.

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